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Power Auras addon guide

Power Auras is one of the most flexible, useful and underutilized addons around. With an impressive number of configuration options you can set it up in more ways than you can imagine. The core of the addon is essentially configurable triggers based on a variety of in-game events and statuses, which then display customizable images or text on your screen.
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Professions: Alchemy

Alchemy is my go-to for making money on Molten Wow’s WoTLK servers. The trick to making a large amount of money from Alchemy is to have lots of Alchemists. I currently have 45 Alchemists which earn me around 1 million gold a week. The first step towards this of course levelling Alchemy. To level Alchemy to max (450) your character
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Multiboxing part 2: Loading the game

In part 2 of this guide series you will load the game and get basic multiboxing going.

Multiboxing part 1: Getting Started

Do you want to multibox? This guide will walk you through getting started with multiboxing. Part 1 details what you need to multibox.