Multiboxing part 1: Getting Started

Do you want to multibox?
This guide will walk you through getting started with multiboxing.

Part 1 details what you need to multibox.

Getting Started.

To multibox you will need the following.

  • A powerful computer. Intel i5 with 4GB memory or higher recommended.
  • A multiboxing application. This guide will use the free hotkeynet application.
  • One account for each character you wish to multibox.

Computer Specs

This is the starting point for multiboxing. If you have trouble running a single copy of World of Warcraft then multiboxing is probably out of your reach.

Most modern computers have at least an Intel i5 processor and 4GB of memory and a basic discrete graphics card, which will be plenty to multibox up to 5 accounts. I have successfully multiboxed 40 accounts on my machine with an Intel i7 3770 and 16GB of memory and an AMD HD7990 graphics card.


Multiboxing Application

There is a huge selection of applications available for multiboxing, everything from dedicated applications made specifically for World of Warcraft up to highly customiseable scripting engines. Some people even go so far as to create their own applications to suit their own needs.

This guide will focus on the free application hotkeynet. Hotkeynet is a very customiseable scripting engine which will allow the freedom to setup your multibox in almost anyway you can imagine. Hotkeynet can be downloaded here.

Once downloaded extract the file to where you want it to live and open the hotkeynet.exe application.


Hotkeynet main window

To familiarise yourself with Hotkeynet take a moment to look around the main program window. The main controls you will use are the bottom left buttons.

  • Load script – open the script file you want to run.
  • Reload script – after editing the script file, click on this to load the updated version into the program.
  • Edit script – rather than opening the script file by double clicking it, you can click this to open it and make changes.

The most important part of hotkeynet are your script files themselves. You can find hotkeynet script files scattered around the internet but to truely utilise the functionality available you will want to learn how to write your own scripts. More information on writing hotketnet scripts later in this guide.

Multiple Accounts

This guide is created primarily for people using the Molten WoW private server where anyone may freely create as many accounts as they want. On Molten WoW you require a separate Gmail account for every WoW account you make. This may seem like a major setback but there is a very handy trick you can use. On Gmail you can place as many dot characters as you want in your address and the email will still be delivered to your regular email account.

For example:

You can sign up to molten with

Be carefull when using this trick to sign up for molten accounts. If you put 2 or more dot characters in a row or you start or end your email with a dot molten will not correctly send the activation email.

Make sure you keep a record of which email account is associated with which WoW account.

On Molten WoW after registering a new account you will be sent an activation email with a link you must click to activate your account. If you used the dot trick from above all of your activation emails will be sent to your main email account ( in the example).