Multiboxing part 2: Loading the game

In part 2 of this guide series you will load the game and get basic multiboxing going.

Loading the Game

Now that you have everything you need to start multiboxing you will be keen to actually start. First create a new hotkeynet script file. Hotkeynet uses plain text files for its script files so right click in the folder you want to keep the script file in and select New > Text Document.

You can use any text file editing application to edit your script files and for the duration of this we will be using notepad.


Notepad – for editing Hotkeynet scripts

Next you will want to fill your script file with some actual scripts. Your best friend when writing these scripts is the Hotkeynet reference page. This page shows you all the functions you can use in your scripts and how to use them as well as a general language syntax guide.

Coming soon: Scripts and functions to use in your own scripts