Wrath of the Lich King

Download Addons for Wrath for the Lich King (3.3.5)

Download the Complete Bundle, comprised of all of these addons

ACP Addon Control Panel

Manage addons from the in-game menu

Download ACP

ATSW Advanced Tradeskill Window

Adds advanced features to the tradeskill window such as queueing and shopping lists

Download ATSW

Atlas Loot

Complete loot and item database for PVE and PVP

Download Atlas Loot

Auctioneer Advanced

Adds advanced auction features such as price tracking and batching

Download Auctioneer Advanced

Auto Flood

Automate your chat spam for guilds, raids, and trades

Download Auto Flood


Combine your bags into a single window

Download Bagnon

Bank Stack

Automatically sort items in your bags and bank

Download Bank Stack

Black List

Keep track of ninjas

Download Black List


A complete levelling and questing solution with maps and waypoints

Download Carbonite

Combat Log Fix

Automatically clears the combat log to fix issues with Recount and Skada

Download Combat Log Fix


Move and bind your action bars

Download Dominos

Fishing Buddy

Fish with easy and keep track of what you catch

Download Fishing Buddy


Track the locations of mining and herb nodes

Download Gatherer


Score a characters items in one number

Download Gearscore


Highly configurable Raid frames in a tidy grid

Download Grid


Multiboxing addon to assist in controlling your minions

Download Jamba

Loot Filter

Configure rules to automatically delete junk items etc when you loot them

Download Loot Filter

Loot Hog

Item rolling addon to track rolls and winners

Download Loot Hog

MSBT Mik's Scrolling Battle Text

Advanced battle text to show you what you need to know

Download MSBT

Move Anything

Move and hide any UI element

Download Move Anything

NPC Scan

Watches for rare spawn monsters and creatures

Download NPC Scan


Threat meter (Try Skada instead)

Download Omen

Pally Power

Paladin buffing and tracking made easy

Download Pally Power


Advanced Mailbox features

Download Postal


Manage Guild DKP easily

Download QDKP


Advanced casting bar

Download Quartz


DPS tracking (Try Skada instead)

Download Recount


Advanced Talent window features

Download Talented

Tidy Plates

Minimal unit name plates

Download Tidy Plates

Who Pulled

Reports who pulled bosses and adds

Download Who Pulled


Advanced Loot window features

Download XLoot