Wrath of the Lich King

Mage PvE Fire/Torment The Weak DPS

While there are other specs that can be used in PVE, Fire/TTW is widely considered the best and most viable spec for high level raiding.

How to Play

Glyph of Fireball
Glyph of Living Bomb
Glyph of Molten Armor
Key Stats
14% (368) Hit rating
Spell Power
Crit rating
Haste rating
Intellect and Spirit are also useful stats but not ones you should gem for
Molten Armor
Focus Magic (Cast on someone who will crit often to increase your crit as well)
Arcane Intellect
Amplify Magic (Cast on VDW to increase healing on her)
Flask of the Frostwyrm
Key Cooldowns
Mirror Images is your main damage CD. Note that 4 piece Tier 10 set bonus significantly improves it.
Blink is extremely useful for a number of situations where you need to move during a fight
Ensure Scorch or equivalent debuff is on the target (Demo Lock)
Keep Living Bomb on the target but make sure you allow it to finish (explode) before you recast it
Cast Fireball when you don't have anything else to do
When you gain the Hot Streak buff, use Pyroblast which becomes an instant cast with Hot Streak
Ice Block - use it to save yourself from taking damage. Also works to prevent Flames on BQL, and being thrown around on BPC.
Ritual of Refreshment, AKA Mage Table. Feed yourself and your raid members.
Evocation - restore mana quickly