Power Auras addon guide

Power Auras is one of the most flexible, useful and underutilized addons around. With an impressive number of configuration options you can set it up in more ways than you can imagine.
The core of the addon is essentially configurable triggers based on a variety of in-game events and statuses, which then display customizable images or text on your screen.

To create a power aura, first install and enable the addon.
When you have logged in, type /powa to bring up the interface and start creating your UI.
You can create auras for your entire account or just for the character you are on.
Click create to create a new aura or edit to edit a previously created aura.

Now the edit interface appears. At first this interface can be overwhelming but once you have used it a few times you will become quite familiar with it.


Importing and Exporting Power Auras

Power Auras has the ability to import and export auras using a specially formatted string.

To export an aura, click on it – then click the Export button and copy the text from the box provided.

To import an aura, click onĀ the Import button – then paste theĀ import text into the box provided.


Here are a few auras you can use:


Display a warning for Molten Armor missing

Version:3.0.0W; icon:Ability_Mage_MoltenArmor; buffname:Molten Armor; alpha:1; aurastext:Molten Armor missing; textaura:true; size:2.72; y:-1; inverse:true

Display a warning for Arcane Brilliance/Arcane Intellect/Dalaran Brilliance missing

Version:3.0.0W; icon:Spell_Holy_ArcaneIntellect; buffname:Arcane Brilliance/Arcane Intellect/Dalaran Brilliance; alpha:1; aurastext:Arcane Brilliance missing; textaura:true; size:2.72; inverse:true

Display notification for Hot Streak buff (with sound)

Version:3.0.0W; b:0; g:0.3098; icon:Ability_Mage_HotStreak; buffname:Hot Streak; alpha:1; aurastext:HOT STREAK!; duration:9.75; sound:12; textaura:true; size:4.93; y:-143; finish:0; timer.h:1.73; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:RIGHT

Display notification for Living Bomb missing on enemy target (with sound)

Version:3.0.0W; target:true; icon:Ability_Mage_LivingBomb; buffname:Living Bomb; bufftype:2; alpha:1; aurastext:Living Bomb missing; mine:true; sound:56; textaura:true; size:5; y:-173; inverse:true; timer.h:1.69; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:RIGHT; timer.ShowActivation:true